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A guy and his hero 

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About the game

A Guy and his Hero is an adventure / god game in Virtual Reality developped by 6 students. Do you remember the fantastic worlds you used to stride when you were still a child ? Adventurers, monsters, puzzles and epic situations altogether on your desk, your carpet or your bed? Yes, you grew up, we know, so what? You don’t have the imagination to feel these moments anymore? You’re wrong. For people like you, there’s Virtual Reality! You’ve always been into board game, but you don’t have time for 2 hours of rules explication? You’re missing some deep but accessible content to play with? The answer is the same : Virtual Reality. Plug your HTC Vive, here begins the adventure you are looking for and it is called A Guy and his Hero!

About the team

Alexandre Cornudet - Graphic Designer
Nicolas Delamare - Producer
Armel Perhirin - Developer
Hélène Boudier - 3D Artist & Animator
Raphaël Bailly - Developer
Kevin Leclerc - Game Designer
Anize Amestoy - Sound Designer