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Bleep Space 

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About the game

Bleep Space is a mobile sequencer toy that encourages non-musicians to play with rhythms and beats in a lively and approachable space. Bleep Space combines the distinct electronic noise pop of Dan Friel with the abstract procedural visuals of Andy Wallace: pressing different parts of the screen will spark swirling geometric shapes and saw-wave samples that loop and form a beat for the user to add on, all set in a stylish, monochromatic space.

Experimentation is prioritized over perfection: meant to be ephemeral, the sounds and and shapes can be cleared and replaced by a brand new creation at a moment’s notice. Bleep Space was inspired by Andy’s experience playing with a friend’s Korg sequencer, and the joy he found in creating music while exploring a device that he didn’t fully understand. Meant above all else to be accessible, there is no way to make a mistake in Bleep Space, and any input will be rewarded with another layer added to the beat as the visual field moves from a stark off-white to a flowing, lively assembly of shapes.

About the team

Andy Wallace - Designer/Programmer
Dan Friel - Musician