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Bury me, my Love 

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About the game

Bury me, my Love is a text-message-based game designed for handheld devices. It tells the story of Nour, a young Syrian woman who is leaving her homeland to find refuge in Europe. Majd, her husband, stayed back in Syria; through a messaging app, he is going to do his best to give her some directions and try to help her reach her destination safely.

Drawing inspiration from interactive fictions as well as WhatsApp-like messenger apps, Bury me, my Love puts you in Majd’s shoes. The conversations between you and Nour will occur in real time : depending on what she is going through, you may not hear from her for a while. Notifications let you know when she’s available again. How will you help her overcome the difficulties she encounters? The only tools at your disposal are text messages, emojis and selfies. You will be able to track her progress as she moves from one city to the next, and together you will have to make choices… and face consequences. The game offers multiple narrative branches leading to 20 different endings.

About the team

Florent Maurin, Producer, game designer
Pierre Corbinais - Co-writer
Lucie Soullier - Editorial consulting
Dana Shaker - Editorial consulting
Paul Joannon - Developer
Matthieu Godet - 2D artist
Nils Renault - Interface designer
Laurent Herbet - Interface designer
Audrey Werner - PR Intern