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Stories Untold 

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About the game

Stories Untold is a short story anthology comprising 4 unique horror, sci-fi and thriller narratives presented as a monster-of-the-week style TV show from the 1980s. Billed as an 'experimental text adventure', Stories Untold genre hops throughout its playtime, subverting expectations and providing a series of chilling, mysterious and evocative game experiences that gradually tie together in unexpected ways. Inspired by Twilight Zone, early X-Files and Black Mirror, Stories Untold presents bite sized stories and game mechanics that challenge the player with a mixture of "text-adventure 2.0", point and click adventuring,...and much, much more.

About the team

Jon McKellan - Creative Director
Omar Khan - Managing Director
Geoff Angus - Coder
Graeme McKellan - Designer
Lee McKellan - 2D Artist
Jack Perry - 3D Artist