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The Sexy Brutale 

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About the game

The Sexy Brutale is a 3D puzzle-adventure game about reliving and weaving your way through a single day in which a masked ball is going very, very wrong in order to save the guests and yourself. It combines adventure game exploration and story with unique Groundhog Day-based puzzle solving in a sinister, but glamorous, casino mansion setting.

On this single, looping day all the guests are being killed across the casino in various glorious ways – and it’s down to you to work your way through this house-wide narrative and save each one. And by doing so, you will acquire new powers and information which will allow you to explore deeper and deeper into the mansion and the day itself in order to solve the ultimate mystery: why is the loop happening, and how can it be stopped?

About the team

Cavalier Game Studios & Tequila Works