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Ticket to Earth 

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About the game

Ticket to Earth is a unique science fiction epic that combines tactical turn-based combat with a tile-matching puzzle game. This is wrapped with a deep RPG system and a sprawling episodic storyline. A colony on a distant planet is rocked by poverty and civil unrest, and a young woman named Rose and her small band of supporters fight desperately to protect the population from marauding criminals and uncaring politicians. Ticket to Earth introduces a new style of gameplay that blends puzzle and tactics games. In the role of Rose or one of her playable allies, players need to employ careful battlefield tactics to get the upper hand over enraged robots, terrifying mutants and desperate criminals.

About the team

Nick Hagger - Design Director
Kevin Chan - Technical Director
Lewis Mitchell - Development Lead
David McLeod - Art Director
Tom Cleave - Artist
Lukas McNamara - Artist
Andrew Maxwell - Programmer
Mark Morrison - Writer