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A Numbers Game 

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About the Game
Modern dating is a joke, so why not treat it like one? A Numbers Game is a dating simulator that spoofs the absurd experience of dating apps like tinder and lets you compete against a friend as petty, image focused Angelenos who are trying to land the more socially desirable date - by any shady means necessary. It's all just a numbers game, after all. The game consists of players "meeting" people and going on dates with them to learn about them and try to find the most "desirable" date in the crowd.

Each of your dates is generated by 5 different card decks - name, occupation, hobby, personality, and quirk (exactly one of each), which are revealed depending on how your date goes (determined by a die roll). Except for name, each of these traits has a point value corresponding to the trait's perceived societal value.

The game goes back and forth as players spend their turns on looking for dates, dating, dumping, stealing, and handling "situations" that arise as you date. The endgame? Making someone with a higher point value (meaning more socially desirable) than your opponent's dates' your endgame by "going exclusive" with them. You're in it to win it.

The Team:
Ryan Zubery, Lead Designer
Quiana Dang, Artist and Designer
Mattie Rosen, Narrative Designer
Mimi Tran Zambetti, Media and Graphic Designer
Napoleon Martinez, Producer