Super Cane Magic ZERO 

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About the Game:
Super Cane Magic ZERO is a comedy action RPG. Pick up everything, throw everything and eat everything, exploring the large, handcrafted game world full of secrets to explore, randomly generated dungeons and 6 local PVP arenas. The world of WOTF is in danger! Start your adventure as Dude, Dudette and many other wacky characters, find the dog, restore the Internet and save the day! Fight solo or local co-op, get gear, eat bombs, crawl ridiculous dungeons and kill all the vegetables!

This campaign is the core of the game, an action RPG adventure built to be played alone or in local co-op up to four players. Super Cane Magic ZERO story is full of enemies, traps, secrets and loot, and features 31 different levels, including huge overworlds and handcrafted dungeons! The game has been developed in collaboration with the Italian cartoonist Sio, popular for his comic books and his hilarious videos on YouTube. The characters and the environments, as well as the story, has been ideated trying to bring part of his comic book style in the world of video games.

The Team:
Marco Di Timoteo, Studio Evil Co-Founder and Lead Artist
Luca Marchetti, Studio Evil Co-Founder and CEO
Simone Albrigi, Comic Book Artist
Domiziana Suprani, Producer
Christian Meneghini, Studio Evil Co-Founder and CTO
Luca Salmin, Programmer
Giacomo Gilli, Programmer
Maurizio Di Timoteo, Programmer
Lorenzo Casanova, Programmer
Riccardo Pagani, 3D Artist