Small Talk 

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About the Game
Small Talk is an interactive first person narrative game that takes place at a party at the end of the world. It features surreal characters in a hybrid 2D/3D environment. Everything is hand drawn and hand animated. Throughout the game it touches on themes of connection, loss, loneliness, dread and others in a variety of vignettes. The player is able to walk around an open world and explore and mingle. The player can talk to different characters, get to know their personalities along with their quirks. After getting to know some of them for awhile, the player is able to transport into their mindscapes and see what they are really thinking about: what's bothering them, what they are inquisitive about, and what drives them. The player is able to interact in these mindscape environments to further understand what each character is going through. As the night progresses, the player is left to question whether or not this really is the end of the world.

The Team:
Gabrielle Genevieve
Chris Chappelear
Emily Meo