Wanderlust: Travel Stories 

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About the Game
Wanderlust is an interactive travelogue, inspired by true stories. By recreating real experiences in the lives of fictional characters it allows you to revisit your preconceptions about the act of traveling, the world you travel in, and yourself—the traveler. Based on real travel journals, interviews with travelers and authentic experiences of the dev team, every story is a personal commentary on social, economic and environmental issues.

From a naive student to a cynical reporter every character provides a unique point of view on topics from the melting glaciers in Antarctica, through the impact of the tourism industry, to the universal search for the meaning of life. As the travelers share stories about the most important journeys of their lives, you accompany them, both as the reader and as the storyteller.

Every decision moves the story forward. The journey is not only about what happens, but also how you feel about it. Your decisions change how the hero feels, new emotions change the hero's perception, and as a result the world and the story change. Wanderlust gives you space to explore the story at your own pace. Together with the characters, you share the most common human experiences, from love to grief. You can observe, think, feel, and experience how the journey changes you.

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