Inhuman Conditions 

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About the Game
Inhuman Conditions is a five minute, two-player interrogation game inspired by the Turing Test and "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep". Through five-minutes of intense, targeted questioning, an Investigator attempts to determine whether the Suspect they're talking to is a human - as they claim - or a robot in hiding.

Each interview focuses on a specific human capacity selected from a number of available modules, which range from "Creative Problem Solving" and "Imagination" to "Grief" and "Moral Failings." Each module pairs a packet of interview prompts with a deck of potential Suspect cards. Some of these cards are "Human" cards, while the rest are Robots. Each robot has a unique restriction or objective that prevents the Suspect from behaving "normally."

It is up to the interviewer to correctly identify the Suspect, and to indicate their decision by applying the appropriate stamp to their interview form. Throughout, the game combines elements of roleplaying and social deduction to create a richly paranoid play experience.

The Team:
Tommy Maranges, Cory O'Brien, and Mackenzie Schubert