Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to) 

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About the Game
Players anonymously share their lives' worries, concerns and stresses. Then they respond to other players' statements with letters of comfort, sympathy or gentle advice. Kind Words is a positive context; a warm, cozy mood. Visually, it puts players in a comfortable room they can decorate.

A place to feel centered and focused on the opportunity presented: Use your words to lift others and be lifted in return. Oh, and there’s stickers!

Each player starts the game with a couple random stickers in their inventory. Stickers can be placed on letters written to others or sent as an appreciative response to a letter that has been received. Once a player receives a new sticker, they can make copies of that sticker to send out to other players. Each sticker has a two dimensional representation that is placed on letters, and also a three dimensional representation that can be placed as an object in the player’s room.

By exchanging letters with others, a player builds up their library of stickers and their options for decorating their room.

The Team: