RPG TIME: The Legend of Wright 

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About the Game

"RPG TIME: The Legend of Wright" is a handmade epic RPG about a youth wishing to become a game developer. The players are in an elementary school classroom after school, and the youth, who likes games, is playing with “Legend of Light”, a role-playing game, written in his notebook. The players, in accordance with the game progressed by the youth who created it, aim to clear the game before leaving school.

We (“RPG TIME: The Legend of Wright” development team) have created a teenager wishing to become a game developer within this work. The theme of this work is “innovations by people who cannot wait”. The youth, who does not own a PC, uses paper, pencils, and stationery nearby him to reproduce this, creating a new experience and form of expression. Additionally, our Indie game development team “DESKWORKS”, comprised of only game designers, is also taking on the challenge of game development for people without technology or money.

The trigger for me developing this work was the memory of playing happily with my friends during my elementary school days. My friends made a game for me, using a notebook, pencils, and other stationery. The time I spent playing the game created by my friends was a truly happy one for me. I created this game with the idea of wanting many people to share the experience of this enjoyable time.

The Team: