The Aluminum Cat 

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About the Game
The Aluminum Cat is part video game and part immersive theatre. Both player and audience member, you go on an adventure with several other players — all from the comfort of your browser at home! Your experience is curated by a live actor who plays the many characters you meet. The actor isn’t pre-recorded, or an artificial intelligence – they’re a real actor that cleverly responds to your antics in real time.

You and 3-6 other audience members are new recruits for the Interplanetary Forces, ready to start a difficult and inglorious career as bottom-tier grunts on the most famous ship in the galaxy. Prior to coming aboard the Aluminum Cat, you admired the intrepid Captain Slab Beefsteak from afar, and dreamed of one day joining them on their adventures. Now you are confronted by the possibility that Beefsteak’s legend is not all that it seems, as mutiny brews on the Aluminum Cat...

Instead of communicating with the other players and actor by voice, or text, we use a novel mouse gesture + emote technique. This works surprisingly well to let people have shared expressive antics without the talk-over-each-other clunkiness of any multiway phone call.

The Team:
Original Cast - Stephanie Malek
Writer - Natalie Zina Walschots
Artist - Suzanna Komza
Director, Producer - Dustin Freeman
Hosted by Escape Character
Poster Art - Dawn Davis